Course 1: Social and Behavior Change
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This is a course on Social Behavior Change (SBC) for Human Rights (HR) Advocacy with lessons that introduce learners to basic concepts, definitions, models, and frameworks that will serve as the foundation for the development of campaign strategies and interventions.

 The first module presents the essential elements of the Social Behavior Change approach and discusses its similarities and differences from other behavior, communication, and development disciplines. The module also introduces a framework allowing participants to plan a practical behavioral insighting and design process.

This is followed by two modules that focus on unpacking human rights behaviors, first by identifying and categorizing these behaviors, and subsequently examining the factors that affect them. Behaviors and behavioral factors are then situated within various behavioral models in order for learners to begin identifying opportunities for interventions, and plan the development of behavioral endpoints and prototypes.

Course 2: Audience Identification (Phase 1)
After completing course: Course 1: Social and Behavior Change

For this module, we will give a quick review of what a campaign plan is and the outline of creating one. Having a campaign plan is very important because it can ensure that all activities are aligned towards an objective. The WiseOwl team will be going through each of the seven (7) components that make up a campaign plan.

Course 2: Campaign Strategy (Phase 2)
After completing course: Course 2: Audience Identification (Phase 1)

This course integrates frameworks and approaches to community building with case studies on community engagement and worksheets for developing a community building and activation plan. 

The course aims to guide the learner toward creating a community-building canvas for building communities among individuals on different levels of engagement in human rights issues, which may be developed into a project proposal: Fair warning: This part of the course is output-heavy since the activities are direct building blocks for each organization’s respective SBCC Campaign Plans.